Meet Baylee.

The multi-purpose Discord bot with
over 200+ commands and features.

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Get and create your own memes
Easily get and create memes

Baylee has over 100 meme creation commands (and growing) so you can find or make the perfect meme. But what if you can't think of a meme to create? Try using Baylee's AI to make one for you.

Easily use gifs on mobile
Send gifs even on mobile

Easily find that perfect GIF to send.

Show the best of your server
Show off the best of your server with Starboard

React to any message with :star: to add it to your own Starboard. Your members can vote on the best (and worst) of Starboard, similiarly to reddit.

Currency commands
Currency Commands

Earn virtual currency by begging, fishing, or claiming rewards. Featuring robust features like dice and slots.

Greet new members
Greet your members

Give a warm welcome to everyone that joins your server.